You Are Enough – Marisa Peer

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I think that Marisa Peers hits the mark. She addresses the issue that plagues most people. The idea that we are not enough is a damning mental positioning. when you are living with the idea that you are not enough, every day, every thought, Every project, every phrase is founded in doubt. Marisa uses simple techniques to lift your self image and solidify the fact that "You are Enough". The effect that I have witnessed when people move into the knowing that they are enough is that their stress level drops, it not only drops, it plummets because they make the jump from no self confidence, where they are 100% dependent on what people think of them to full self confidence where they have no dependance on what others think of them. She targets an issue that comes up quite a bit. people who are never happy. People who continue to buy, move, get married then divorced many times, usually don't feel as though they are enough. She sites the effects of criticisme as opposed to positive reinforcement as opposed to self reinforcement. Below is one of her videos that I like.

You guys I just found this  today is 27 July 2016, It is a free Webinar by Marisa Peers. Click the picture of Marisa below. You can set a date and time to join. I am doing it today at 2:00. I will let you know how it goes.

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