Yoga is not about being broke

The idea of a yoga teacher is that we are all evolved and are not affected by negative comments and energy. The image of a Yoga teacher is that we should be completely removed from materialism and have no desire to achieve. So many people have put my life under a microscope and critisized my position on many subjects and they do it with the justification that these actions and thought systems don’t follow what Yoga is all about. Well I ask the question”What is Yoga all about”?
Here is the short answer “Yoga is about finding out who you are, it is about feeling so good in your skin that you don’t give a flying fuck what people think of you.”

Yoga teachers who have great ideas about giving value and launching products that truly help the planet, that truly point people in the direction of their happiness, but they are broke, they have no financial resources, These teachers are slaves to students who have money. This is the crappiest position to be in, I have been there. You can launch projects and programs but you are constantly running back to your money bag student and begging for approval. If and when the wealthy student decides to dump you, you are back at square one, in the crapper.
What is the answer, get help setting up your business or keep track of trends and make necessary changes. The most important is that if you want to be the most amazing yoga teacher you must be constantly beating on your craft. Think it, be it, challenge socially acceptable thought systems, like “dont do inversions while you have your period”…. why? I think it is ridiculous thatwe blindly follow preceps that have no basis. The most damning and harmful belief is that Yoga teachers should not need money, should not desire material goods.

Get off your asses guys and find something to make money on the side if Yoga isn’t bringing enough in.

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Even Yoga teachers make really shitty decisions based on a feeling without thinking through the business part. They just say, I know it and go forward full guns, they spend a million bucks on a renovation without ever thinking that to pay a million bucks back it will take 66,000 students paying 15 dollars per class. When most studio see 500 students per month, which is a respectable number, it would take 1320 months which is 110 years.
My point here is that spiritual motivation without planning is a death sentence.
More to come