What the F%-k has happened to relationships between men and women

I am slowly becoming the internet dating queen. I could write books on the dynamic between men and women that would curl your hair. OK here is where I am at. I am completely in Love with a guy who I see very rarely. Having lots of time to myself, works for me, I am not a big people person and I am doing sport most of the time. The man who I love is not at all concerned with materialism, nor is he obsessed with food. He is super athletic and quite yummy to look at. About 2 years ago he said to me, “hey, when I am not here, go out with other people, enjoy your life and when my current project is finished we will see each other more.” Given that I have an American mentality that cheating is a massive no no, it took me a while to wrap my head around this very French idea.

But I did start going out and meeting people and here is what I see. Well, what I don’t see is very many men that I am attracted to for starters. But at the foundation, Women want a successful guy who will take care of them, who is decent looking (even if they work and pull tons of dosh, they still want a man who is driven to succeed) and men want a woman who will satisfy them sexually who is also in decent shape and looks good on their arm.

I think that we would agree that on a first date it would be unacceptable for a woman to ask about his financial stability, she must try to ascertain it from what she sees. It would also be unacceptable to ask if he was planning on beefing up his bi-ceps anytime soon.

With that said, I am asked the following questions by EVERY guy who I have met, infalably. what turns you on in bed? Do you where high heels frequently? What are you thinking about doing to me? No Shit! And this is OK?

Most people are not in that good of shape, so when they ask these questions I want to say “Are you fucking kidding me, you are in crap shape, not at all seductive in your appearance, and the fact that you are asking these questions leads me to believe that you think I am interested.”

Then after the first date, which is invariably, a coffee together, comes a veritable cavalcade of texts asking what I thought of them. Maybe my vision is colored by the fact that the man who I hold most dear, is a total bomb of beauty and muscle and 96 kilos of special force protection, but I am appalled.

OK, I am going to drop this now….. good luck out there