to BE or not to BE Yoga

I learned a valuable lesson last night. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Based on a true story.
Given my new status- Legally working in France, I had asked a friend to put in a good word for me at a studio called TIGRE, a studio that I would really like to be part of their team. So she did, she shot out an email immediately and being the diligent girl that she is, she talked me up to another studio, one that I had no intention of approaching but they rang and I thought what the heck, I will see what they are up to.
We had a nice walk and chatted away. We discussed everything except Yoga. So I thought, lets see where they are in terms of their Yogic path, in many cases the fashion in which people view other businesses who offer the same product can be very telling regarding their future success. Do they see them as competition? Which would indicate that they view themselves as an equal who is vying for the same market. This isn’t a bad position, but you stop your own growth and potential because the mind views the other studios as the upper limit. All the studios who are in this competition mind set only become a tiny bit better than the rest for a limited time period. Not the best mind set for radical advancement.

A second view and much more healthy.
Do they view the other studios as businesses who are selling the same product, but they don’t consider them competition? Meaning that they dont view other studios as competition at all. I think this is the healthiest position. A quick example is that there are thousands of restaurants, who all make a living and are full of people, so the same idea should apply to Yoga studios, Right?

Last night I was exposed to a third view of the market place that I hadn’t considered. Where the owners are vehemently against every other studio. An attitude that bashes any and every other training program. A view that makes them pick apart well known teachers and bash very lucrative training programs, like the Jivamukti training program. If I was more outspoken which I know most of you are thinking “is that possible” I would have said “are you fucking kidding, Jivamukti who started from nothing and produces world class teachers and has 40 years of experience behind them, who run studios like YOU would love to have, You are finding fault with them”… but I didn’t of coarse.

Anyway, moving briskly forward…. If you want something ie… a successful studio, and you judge and critisize the studios who have achieved success, You are pushing against the very thing that you want. In my opinion, failure is imminent.

I believe that to be successful, we must embrace success in every form, where ever it is around us. So start appreciating all the success around you and watch the students start rolling in. Have a great evening…. and to answer the question “To be or not to BE Yoga”…. I must go with NOT… have a great practice