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A Great Yoga mat changes everything. Non-slip is really important to me. When I can relax into a posture and push the flexibility, it feels great and my practice advances very quickly. If the mat isnt "grippy", I find I am just trying to stay in the posture and not slip. If you have not tried a Jade Yoga Mat, Have a go, You will see the difference immediately.

Mat Bags can be a tricky proposition. If the bag doesn't have space or pockets for keys, coffee change and water bottle, you either need to have a second bag or your hands are full and "Openingtheyogastudiodoor-Asana" becomes the challenge. When I go to class I want to show up calm and cool and ready to Rock.. This bag is perfect. you can slip the mat out easily and the pockets for all the other necessary stuff are great and secure.

Books and learning about the history of yoga is a great base for your Yoga Knowledge. Baron Baptiste is my teacher and his books have shed so much light on my Life, My Practice and the World. Enjoy!

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I searched forever to find a great mat bag with pockets for keys and water bottle... I Love this bag!

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Neti-pot – Breath Freely

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freedom from allergies

Neti pot- daily use, stopped my annoying allergy systoms quickly. I used to suffer from runny nose, tearing eyes and constant sneezing. Then while on a Surf/Yoga retreat, I learned Neti-pot from my friend Sabina who had learned it in India. It was Summer and I wasn't experiencing any symptoms, so I noticed that the bags under my eyes had gone away. When Fall rolled around and normally my nose would be running constantly and my eyes tearing, I noticed they were not. That was 2 years ago and I have been allergy free since then. I have heard people say that running salt water through the sinuses is not pleasant. I can attest that the symptoms are allergies are far less pleasant. Go Get 'em Tigers!

Why is Forever 21 on my Site?

     Forever 21 offers a killer yoga/athletic line. A few years ago the hot brands like Lululemon, Hardtail, Prana, Beyond Yoga and a few more were the only Yoga/athletic lines that  offered Yoga Specific clothes that were technical in design  and feminine in cut and overall look. The caveate with each and every one of these lines was/is the price. t-shirts and tanks range from 40USD - 90USD (United States Dollars) and pants are just under and in some cases way over 100 dollars. Wearing the big yoga brands is a pricey proposition. My favorite Yoga line is Brasil Sul, they have amazing fabric. It is a 10 ounce nylon spandex microfiber that holds everything in and the design is very feminine. The problem with Brasil Sul is that I only know one place to get it, an online store in San Diego.  There is a brand that if you can swallow the high prices is an amazing brand, it is a Canadian brand called LOLE. They make great product, but the price is higher than Lulu. Ouch!! So for the past 10 years I have really had a rough time getting good Yoga gear here in France, where technical gear is 10 years off. 
     Forever 21 just opened here in France about a year ago and they are doing killer business. Reasonably priced, quality product is very new in France, hahah, I know, sounds odd but true. About 8 months ago I stumbled into Forever 21 in Les Halles, near to my office. I saw their Athletic line and was blown away by the  strappy styling of their bras and cover shirts and the amazing cut of their pants and shorts. Lets just chuck on top of all this yoga gear joy, A great pricepoint!
     Click any of the link banners and it will take you through to the Forever 21 Store. Yes I get a commission.

Billabong Radical Gear for showing off your Yoga Body

The video is my absolute favorite surfer, Tommy Curren. The spirit of sports that require you to let go and give-in to the Earths elements are the ones that shift your consciousness, open your mind and teach you to love again. As most of you know I am a surfer. Although I may not be the best surfer, I certainly am the best supporter and wearer of Surf Brands, Like Billabong. Click through and check out the New Billabong Collection. See you on the mat and hopefully on the beach! 

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