Creative Visualization Lisa Nichols from The Secret

Lisa Nichols from “The Secret” – Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization is a collection of 12 guided meditation audios delivered by Lisa Nichols, based on elements from Shakti Gawain's book 'Creative Visualization'. Lisa's teachings will take people on an ''experiential carpet ride'' into their future from a very organic, practical and tangible place of touch, smell, feel and experience. Lisa deals with reaching 'Goals for Life', she offers a 360 degree experience. Click this banner, yes the banner is the photo just below this text for more information on Lisa's 12 guided meditations.

Hello All,
As you guys know I am constantly pushing the limits of my life. I love to share things that have worked for me. When I first started using visualization to get my life moving towards my dreams, I felt stupid imagining myself in an amazing home and with 60 students in my classes I wasn't comfortable imaging myself anywhere other than where I was... stuck. I researched tons of books and videos that explained visualizing my future life but no one walked you through the process. The thing that I like about Lisa Nichols is that she creates an image for you, that is easy to get comfortable with. I listened to her videos and CD's until suddenly MY dreams started to become clear. Then I didnt need her to do the process. But she lit up the path. Check out the 2 videos below. If you want more there is a free download after you click through one of the buttons. After that if you want More More, there is a coarse offered at the bottom of the page that you click through to. Namaste Cassandra

Creative Visualization for Abundance

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