How would you rate you level of health?

On 15 June, 2016 I arrived in the USA for my daughters graduation. I was shocked to see the extremes in levels of health. I first notice people in amazing shape who laughed, smiled and looked quite fit. Then the other extreme, they were still laughing and smiling but their level of health seemed quite low.There are so many factors when considering health, it can be mind boggling. But the fact remains that the number of people that I spoke to who have cancer, diabetes and many other life threatening diseases was staggering. Many people said that it is the same here in France. I dont agree. In the USA, You see it on the street, in your circle of friends and people talk about others who have just been diagnosed in the USA, there are men women and children wearing head scarfs to hide there hair loss from chemo, illness is the subject of many conversations and I can say that this just isn’t happening here in France. I don’t believe that believe that the entire French population would keep their lips sealed concerning health issues, I dont believe that the illness rate is the same but we aren’t seeing it because people are hiding it. I am not saying that it is better here, what I am saying is that this raises many questions. And I do see the wave coming here.

What could the issue possibly be? Stress? Food? Perception? I don’t now.. comment if you have ideas.