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My first encounter with Louise Hay

It was 1990, I was working at Johnson and Johnson, Janssen Pharmacuetica in Titusville New Jersey. I was one of the coaches in their Live for Life department, which was basically a gym for employees. 2 events during my time at J and J seriously changed my life. The first is that a gal who worked in HR, named Nancy had forgotten a book in the gym. I didn't really look at it, it had a cheezy cover with a rainbow or something. I chucked it behind the desk. Nancy called a few hours later and said she would be by the next day to get it. During a boring moment I picked it up and started reading. It was  an early versoin of "You can Heal Your Life". I was blown away at her story of having cancer and healing herself and I felt a shift in my consciousness from victim to victor. I devoured this book and bought 10 of them to give away as christmas gifts. I was doing the affirmations and the results were amazing. Louise Hay started my transformation towards a happy person who creates her life on her own terms. Thank You Louise.