Get Motivated

How do I motivate myself

You know what? I Love external motivation and that is what this page is... Using external sources to fire up the desires within to push us to continue reaching for our goals. These are my heros. I watch them, I quote them, I try to implement their techniques. Nothing keeps me in the ultimate mindstate more solidly than these videos. Watch learn and get stoked to move forward towards your dreams.

Will Smith motivation

Esther Hicks and Abraham

Steve jobs 10 rules for success

Les Brown – Top Motivator

Eric Thomas

THR Roundtable

Be Different

Motivation 2016

Mind Valley CEO

Vishen Lakhiani

When I am not feeling 100%, one way that I use to throw myself right back into the Vortex is by watching an uplifting movie. I hate feeling crap and I do all I can to get back feeling amazing. Sometimes I get so stuck in a negative thinking thread that the only way to get back to positive thoughts is to watch an inspiring film or post awesome photos to  my Pinterest or tumbler account. By the way I have a pinterest page that just makes me smile and laugh, it is the "Ultimate Living" one. I also love videos like the ones on this page and I adore getting yelled at by Tony Robbins and Eric Thomas, hahaha. Have a go. Watch one, whether it be a motivational video or a movie that shows leopards changing their spots. email me with questions