Chirstie Marie Sheldon – Truly Amazing – Results gauranteed

8 years ago, I was in London staying at a friends house, when I went to sleep, I laid back and my head hit a book. I picked it up and it was "Ask and it is Given", By Abraham Hicks. I read it and started to learn how to get into the Vortex (an emotional state that feels great). I practiced daily getting into the Vortex but couldn't hold it for too long. It was quite roller coaster, in and happy, out and struggling with negative thinking. I recently learned about Christie Marie Sheldon through Mind Valley. She teaches you how to hold the positive head space for most of the day and if you fall into judgement or negative thoughts you can quickly get back in by inhaling deeply and imagining light pouring into the top of your head. Once there you use her sure fire obstacle crusher, the phrase " I clear and Transmute this issue across all time, dimensions, space and reality, I usually say it until I yawn, which is a sign that you are clearing out the crap. Anyway, this page is dedicated to her. I hope the videos help. If you want to join some of her on-line programs, there are banners at the bottom of the page, just click though.

"In this video Christie Marie Sheldon lays out a plan to unblock money and abundance issues that lead to total life freedom.
The Framework for the class is this:
1. The Truth About Money
2. What are abundance Blocks
3. How an energy Clearing Works
4. The Clearing Session
5. How much are your Blocks costing You
6. Q and A and Wrap up

This video is a normal You Tube Video,,,,,,,, so it is a free session.

I started doing daily evergy clearings with Christie Marie Sheldon last Sunday, I have done 1 everyday. The results are amazing. I feel so free. If you are interested in clearing your Abundance and Money Blocks, click this link to get to the information page.Unlimited Abundance

Playlist of Christie’s You Tube Videos

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I just finished the morning meditation which is part of Christi's 24 hour Love or Above program. It is only 9 dollars and The meditations are orgasmic. Click the banner to the right, yes right there and go down about a third of the page and you will see the meditations for 9 dollars. What a way to start the day... do it. keep me posted on all the good stuff that starts tumbling into your life.