Yoga in Modern Society

Yoga in modern society

We have a Love/Hate relationship with all things foreign. We love a good bagel but are not sure about the people who created them. We search high and low for a great curry and at the same time criticise the people, their homeland and how they treat each other. We become enraged concerning the treatment of women in other places but are blind to the horrible atrocities against women right here in our own neighbourhoods. In addition, the feelings that we have towards things that make us angry are sometimes things that we have had no personal  interaction with. We have learned about them through magazines, TV and the like.

After having lived in a couple of big cities I realise that big cities are a Cultural Soup. There is no escaping interactions with foreigners and cultural variations. In cities it is clear that contact with foreign things developes you, not necessarily positively. I have noticed that people adopt different outlooks depending on, I guess,  their  emotional predisposition, their upbringing, their life histories.  I have seen people who become vehement racists, and live their lives through anger based on the fact that “others” exist at all.  I have seen people who just tolerate, they roll their eyes when someone from their preferred stereotyped group crosses into their experience. The tolerators still have the prejudice but chose to criticise somewhat silently and not turn to violence. Then there is that glorious group that embarks on an adventure. They see the world through a childs eyes but with the intelligence of an adult.

A question worth consideration…. Which road do you take? Did you take? Will you take?

The above video was done in the Red Light district in Paris. It was morning and not much action going on. The point I want to make is that as yogi’s we must challenge ourselves to let others exist, to be neutral. For me the Red Light District represents men and women who have made a choice.. maybe I am desparetly wrong. I do not condone things where someone does not have a choice or is not of an age to make solid choices and is convinced by an adult to participate in activities that they would normally not. What I am saying is that things exist and we can all co-exest without judgement and prejudice.

Enjoy the video.