Maintaining Progress

The physical/ emotional connection- why most results are short lived and how to sustain great results for the rest of your life.

Think of all of the time, energy and money that we have spent on getting healthy. I am referring to weightloss, muscle building and healing illnesses. There are loads of regimes on the internet, tons of books, and of course the people that we know who have found success in a "plan“… So we jump on the band wagon.

If we stick to prescribed plans our efforts are well rewarded with good health. The most common advice is for weight loss. So lets imagine that someone has started a diet and reached their goal. Physical exercise and diets yield results. The challenge may be sticking to the regime, but if you do, the results will come. At the first sign of a flatter tummy we feel better and walk taller.

The clothes that were unapproachable now fit. We nip by the cobbler and have a few extra holes put in our belts then prance out of there feeling like a million bucks.
We check ourselves out in the store windows and bathe in the fact that we reached our goal.
In the case of building body muscle, we chuck out our old shirts that no longer fit and buy new "big shoulder and arm“ shirts so we can advertise how fab we are  with muscles busting out of our new smart looking shirts and pants.

This is all great - Amen and glory to all the thin muscular homosapiens!

I have a few questions -
Is the muscle man actually assuming his new form, or is he still the skinny kid who was bullied because he was skinny?
Is the thin attractive woman actually taking on her new body or is she still the chubby girl who is just wearing her "thin suit“ for a while.
Is the person who has eradicated a physical maladie really well or is the illness just in remission for a while?
There are a few ways to tell…
Does the person talk about "how they used to be“, Heavy, skinny with no muscles, sick?
Does the thin person still walk and dress like a heavy person?
Has the umbrella of fear set in, the fear of returning to the old state of being?
Does the person have fearful images of their old state of being and are these feelings dominating their thoughts?

Talking about the things that you don't want, telling the same old story, there is no quicker way to dissolve great results… Telling and retelling, beating the drum of ‘what was’ is a surefire way to end up where you began. The more you talk, think and identify with the old story, the quicker the universe sends it your way. Before we started the plan we probably talked about what we identified as our "Problem“ to our friends family and anyone who would listen. We became experts at relating our unhappiness with our condition at the time. We blabbed on and on about how we used to look when we were in High school how we were more flexible and didn't carry any extra fat, blah blah blah. Tell a new story even if it is a bullshit fantasy of your past present or future… imagine that you are one with your musculature or wellness or thinness or whatever and you will become that person, permanently
Moving, walking, talking, dressing like the out of shape person that you were is a fast way back there. Assume the new you, walk it, talk it, dress it… fake it till you make it.
If the fear of changing back crawls in, don't let it take hold of you. Go to the gym or go take a yoga class or go swimming or whatever makes you happy..
If fearful images plague you - find something that you love to do and go do it. Do something that doesn't include food. We have been propagandised into thinking that if we miss a meal or don't eat enough we will need medical intervention. It is Bullshit! In most civilised countries we are eating at least double the necessary amount of food. So put down the beer and chicken wing and move your ass. Do anything - walk your dog, swim, bike, have sex with your spouse, anything.

Listen People, the best way to maintain results is to get rid of anything in your life that has to do with the old condition:

No TV shows about fat, skinny bullied, or sick people - None.
Do not look at people in the street who represent what you were, not even a quick look and nasty comment to your mate. Look at only the people who you find beautiful.

DO NOT comment to your friends or to yourself when you see a truly beautiful person, don't put them down, don't look for something wrong with them. The beauty industry is the largest industry on the planet, which is confirmation that EVERYBODY wants to be attractive. So when you make fun of or degrade a beautiful person, a successful person or the guy driving the Lamborghini, when we engage in negative talk towards people who have what we want we are pushing against the very thing that we want… Bizarre, I know.

In Conclusion, clean up your body and your life. Get rid of all things that you do not want to attract to you. Appreciate the people who have already attracted those desirable attributes, health, form and material goods into their lives and watch how these things become part of your life.
Show up
Shine Bright
Learn and laugh

Cassandra Kish