Using Anchors to enjoy Sports and Exercise.

How to build movement into your life. Our bodies are built to move and work. Our musculature and bones and brain thrive when we move about. So if you want to feel totally awesome… Move Your ass my friend.

Find a sport you love, maybe start with something you did when you were young. 

I think that when you start something new whether it be a yoga or body pump class, swimming at the local pool, biking, or whatever, you should walk away feeling a sense of success. 

This creates an anchor that connects the activity of movement with “feeling Good”. That is a good anchor to have.

Anchors are super important and we have thousands of anchors already that we are not aware of that drive our behavior and reactions to situations all the time.

For example
3 women walk down a street
And a man passes them
One of the gals says
“Wow he is quite yummy”
The other one responds
“Did you see how that asshole looked at us”
Girl no.3 responds
“What guy?”

 3 different responses to the same event. All 3 girls responded according to their prefixed anchors.

Let’s say that when you were young and when you left the house to hang with your mates or just do something that you love, the result was that you felt great… So an anchor is fixed around leaving the house and hanging out and the feeling of being Free.

When we are young the preferred activity is usually sports. Kicking the football around with your mates or going to your weekly ballet class was a relief, a pleasure . Most or our anchors are fixed very young. Play groups at school and after school activities play a big part in fixing our anchors. The key to getting back in shape is to tap into our anchors that were established early in life (that is… if they were positive).

If we were the one who was always picked to be on the sports teams by your school mates because you were deemed to merit a place on the team, you probably have  positive anchors associate with:

Being chosen as part of a team

The sport itself

Socialized behavior 

If you were not picked you probably created anchors around:

Not being chosen to participate in organized sports

Maybe you developed low self confidence  associated with group activities 

These are just examples, an anchor could be anything, a color that makes you happy or sad. 

The key now is to create anchors that fortify your life and push it in a chosen direction.

For example, I don’t much like to sit still in front of my computer. So while trudging through paperwork,  I put music on by my favorite composer  (ludovico Einaudi)… The solace of the music pulls my anchor in the desired direction, towards comfort while doing something that previously I didn’t feel comfortable doing.

The conclusion of all this is to chose an activity (I would chose Yoga, Vidyaa Yoga specifically), and have fun and create a new anchor.

Jade yoga, Music, Billabongore to get you started

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