How to Lose Weight and keep it off.

I am constantly getting questions about losing weight... The simple answer is eat less, move more. This sounds easy but the fact is that we have developed habits both physical as well as mental that make it difficult.
These social belief systems that have become habits or lifestyles push us further and further away from our goal- a toned slim body.
Thousands of years ago food and lifestyles of the wealthy were desired by all. The lower classes lived on vegetables and worked outside.  So consequently these things became associated with the lower classes. Specifically vegetables, muscular bodies and tanned skin- all deemed low class

On the other end of the spectrum, royalty and/or wealth was associated with white skin, very soft bodies and diets that consisted of meat and dairy products...

I think that without making the association between a modern lifestyle and the consequent soft body, pasty white skin and a royal diet., we have gotten exactly what we have asked for...
Obesity is rampant, the 'big 3 diseases' (cancer, diabetes and heart disease)are taking lives left and right, all the while the fashion has shifted from pale, soft and cheesy to tanned, hard body, carrot consumers..
In order to affect a physical change, lifestyle changes must be put in place.....
Impossible task?

Not at all.
You can make changes without announcing to your family that "change is-a-coming"...

It is easiest if you are the one who does the cooking in the house.

There are actually a few approaches.
1. Is to start making the meals revolve around the vegetables and cut meet portions in half...
Yes, I can imagine, that hurts... Considering how people brag about ingesting incredible amounts or dead animal always amazes me.

2. Change your relationship to food.
As it is now, our lives revolve around food. We wake up and think about it, as soon as we finish breaky we are wondering where we will lunch and during lunch we are sorting out dinner... It is a miracle that we get any work done.
When food is not the center of people's lives, for example if you miss a meal because you want to finish a project, people around you really flip. "You must eat", your going to get sick"... For fucks sake missing a meal is probably the best thing you could do for yourself.
Unless you are someone who loses weight very easily, missing a meal is a favour that you can do for your system. When the subject of a 24 hour liquid fast is raised, it seems as though everyone in the room is suddenly Hypoglycemic. Try a 24 hour liquid fast. You can have soup, juice (watered down is best), water, decaf coffee. The next morning you feel amazingly Light and flat bellied. You have just proved that your life doesn't need to revolve around food. Now you are set to cut meat portions. When I say meat I am not only referring to Beef? any muscle tissue of an animal is Meat. Another note, people always panic aboutnot eating protien. Here is the skinny, "There is nothng in Protien that gives you energy. Also, do't panic about losing muscle, this comment is ridiculous. If meat really builds muscle... everybody eats meat.. So where are all these muscular people?
The problem is , you can't maintain the old "wealthy lifestyle" of avoiding doing things outside, continue to chow down beef burgers with cheese, and have the new fashionable healthy looking body..

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