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I have survived a few pretty hard core health issues. Just when I thought I was truly screwed, solutions presented themselves. My level of gratitude for the books, people, and vitamin supplements that saved me, is huge. All my life I had skin rashes, digestive problems, a weight problem, and as a baby I had colic and thrush almost constantly. When I was 26 I dislocated my knee, which isn't a massive issue but after the surgey my lower leg swelled and crushed my perrenial nerve, which became an issue, as I lost the ability to dorsiflex (lift upward) my right foot. The condition is called Drop Foot. The doctor kept telling me to "just wait, it will sort itself out". It didn't.

I did not want to wear the leg brace that they suggested because I was afraid that  I would become dependant on it and any chance of nerve regeneration would be squelched. So I wore stiff Cowboy boots everywear, year round. Not practical but the boots held my foot up and I could walk somewhat normally. Steps were a nightmare and running impossible. Driving was a challenge as I could press the gas pedal but I could not pull my foot off of the pedal to slow down, so I didn't drive for 7 months.

A solution presented itself.
Then I was on a flight to Toronto and a dancer was sitting next to me. We started talking and I told her about my foot. She said "Oh, there is an amazing alternative doctor in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, who takes the worst cases and is seeing great results. Little did I know at the time but Dr. Elliot Diamond, a Podiatrist, accupuncturist, who uses what many might call Ancient therapies, was simultaniously written up in "Best Doctors" magazines and "Quack" articles at the same time. His work is so successful and yields such mind blowing tactical results that I can see why he is such a threat to standard Modern Medicine.

Along with accupuncture, water therapy, traction and biomechanical foot taping, he had a Pilates studio on the 2nd floor of his office. I started Pilates immediately, along with his therapies. I quickly learned how to side step the foot problem and function using other muscles to complete movements.

After 3 years of therapy with Dr. Diamond I was doing well. I started biking to replace the running that I did before the surgery and I started Yoga. This was 1988 and the only Yoga I could find was Bikram and Beryl Bender Birch's Book "Power Yoga", which is primary series, Ashtanga.

I didnt know it but my Yoga/Pilates career was launched right there in that moment.

Solution no.1 - Yoga/Pilates/ Dr. Elliot Diamond, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia PA... Yes he is still there.

A few years later I developed a rash on my ankle which I ignored but it was a window to a much bigger problem. I started taking probiotics, a cheap brand and I only took it now and again. Then after dinner one night the insides of my elbows became itchy, I scratched, not thinking what the cause might be. I woke up the next morning covered in an incredibly itchy rash. I had it from head to toe, but only on the front of my body. After a couple of days the skin opened and became very ugly. I went to the hospital and they chucked me in quarantine. They had someone photograph my skin and a stream of doctors kept passing by to see. I was scared shitless. Finally a doctor came in completely covered in a HazMat suit and he told me I have a Strepp infection on my skin, the street name for the disease is "Flesh eating disease". I can't express enough, that I honestly thought that I was going to die.

Solution # no. 2

 The second alternative doctor who truly changed my life is named Dr. Cathy Goldstein she does acupuncture, NET and many other techniques.

Dr. Goldstien told me that the skin problem was a by-product of food allergies that had gone wild. I was sceptical, so I did a 7 day food fast. I figured that if food was the issue then if I cut out food the rash would go away. It Did! So I started with Cathy and her array of therapies. The combination of "NET" (neuro-emotinal technique - created by Scott and Deb Walker), NAET (Nambudripad allergy elimination Technique), acupuncture and supplements was the recipe that put me back on my feet.  Dr. Cathy Goldstien - she is a Goody. I wish I could give info on her but she got married and I have no idea where she is. 

Through the difficult times..... the solution usually lies in people. People who have a sixth sense about life. I am so grateful for all the people who have stepped up to help me out, when I thought I had no alternative.

Thank You.


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