Allergies … Good Bye

Neti -Pot for Allergies

Allergies... Good bye

I had just about had it with watering eyes, runny nose, itchy skin and all things Allergy. Every year around March the symptoms of springtime would descend on my sinuses and eyes. I tried everything.

Then about 2 years ago..

Sabina Madeliner (Peniche Yoga Center, Portugal) and I were hosting a Yoga/Surf retreat in Peniche Portugal. We decided to introduce the participants to "Neti-pot" and "Oil Pulling". Two yoga practices for cleansing the mouth and Sinuses. She had never done Oil Pulling and I had never done Neti. The first day as we all did neti, under the watchful eye of Sabina, I felt things moving about as I poured the salty water through my sinuses. The first day I noticed a difference then I continued to do Neti every day. It wasnt until about 6 months ago that I realized that I had no allergy symptoms. I can honestly say that Yoga and all things that come with it, are the most effective practices I have ever found.
Here is the Neti-Pot that I use. It is a bit bigger than most but the pressure and weight of more water makes it run through my sinuses faster and with a bit of force than a smaller Neti.

USA Neti