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It is 24 May 2016, I am giving 2 motivational speeches Today at “W Hotel”. My first worry is, How am I going to speak to people when they are not in down dog. Yoga has been my medium for motivating people for the last 30 years. When people are doing their practice and I am guiding them through the sequencing and conjuring up the next move or the next thought or the next idea, it seems easier to blast out life lessons and ideas and there is an ease to pushing people towards their dreams.

The hotel is advancing the new theme image, “Detox, Retox, Rinse and Repeat” The hotel is in the center of the Paris, France. W is where people go to party in a chic and comfortable setting and to meet like minded people. The idea is in the new image is that, “all is possible”. I am so on board with this idea, all is possible. If you have experienced your “bottom”, the lowest least prosperous point in your life, and you have clawed your way back up, out of the dark place and lived in the light. Then you know and are absolutely sure that you are never going back down. You realize that all is possible.

So my preparation this morning started with a couple of You Tube Videos on Motivation. I like Eric Thomas and Will Smith and Tony Robbins, they seem to get the blood flowing.

So I did my morning routine of motivation and a cup of coffee.

4 hours later.
I have just returned from the morning session and we rocked. I was quite nervous but I pressed on and 1 minute unto my talk I felt the energy flow and just ripped it. It felt amazing. I am going to do some yoga now then off to the next. I will check in later with you all.

So I get back to the W Hotel and I peek in on the meeting that is happening just before me. The crowd is completely different. These guys are sitting there atentive and dressed in suits. Different crowd/ different presentation. So I go back to my room and I take down the All Blacks You Tube Video that I used in the first presentation to motivate them and to show an example of team work.


I chose the song by Peter Gabriel “Sledgehammer” for the second group. So when they were coming in the song was blasting. I launch into something about the process and how they all are so ready to stand in the glory but the focus should go on the work, the training, or the moment of glory will be lost. I definitely stole something from Eric Thomas there. Anyway all I really remember is that they were laughing and smiling. I walked out of there feeling good.


Something that stuck me was that this is a realm that I don’t do very often “motivational speaking” and I left there thinking “Was that OK”. On the other side of things, I teach so much Yoga every day and I have done it for 30 years, when I walk out of a yoga class, I don’t really give a crap what they think. I know it was what they needed. So in closing, Get off your asses you big babies and go chase your dreams.
Some photos from the event

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