I know what you’re thinkin’.

I do, I know exactly what you are thinking... another Yoga web-site with Perfect people who have perfect lives, sitting around sniffing incense and discussing Evolution Vs String Theory...... Sorry, not us. Vidyaa Yoga was created by a gal who has survived, with flying colors, a ton of trauma, she has been screwed over (by much lesser beings - hahaha), survived Physical hardship, separation from a child (that is always hard core, very difficult)... and you know what? She has carved out an amazing life..... you know what else?

SHE is ME... and I am rockin' my life.

At Vidyaa Yoga, we get results, real results. You feel better after class not just because you dragged your ass out of bed and came to class. You feel better because your perception of the world is lighter, you are less reactive to verbal and energetic attacks, you are calm and steady. You feel better because your muscles burn. You feel better because you see your body changing rapidly. Vidyaa Yoga is for people seeking real change.

Maybe you are at the end of your rope...

Maybe you are tired of spending money on exercise equipment that you don't regularly use.

Maybe you have tried everything to put your life on track and are tired of hearing the same old tactics to reach happiness..

Whatever your plight..... Vidyaa Yoga is pretty much the end of the road. The method that works. You will learn to laugh again, smile again and you too will carve out your niche.....

Go ahead... come to class, whether it is with me on Facetime or at Le Tigre, Kshanti or Klay Club...

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